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Tajhizat Pezeshki Pars

Tajhizat Pezeshki Pars is a Medical Equipment Provider Firm for the valued Iranian community.

Tajhizat Pezeshki Pars

Tajhizat Pezeshki Pars was founded more than 4 decades ago .Ever since of its presence in the market, Tajhizat Pezeshki Pars was dedicated to provide the most reliable branded medical equipment with the world highest standard quality. Moreover as a medical equipment Provider Firm, we strive to please our customers with our experienced well equipped backed up service team, along with dedicated operation instructions to fulfill diagnostic imaging demands in radiology, oncology, OB/GYN, etc., and adequate spare parts, along with stand by spare part systems for the key components.
Tajhizat Pezeshki Pars is continuing its successful collaboration and supports towards Iranian health care sectors for a better coming days based on its main belief and responsibilities towards its community.